Cour­se docu­ments Revit Basics

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Our most advanced Revit course. Take the first steps in 3D planning with us, from the basic structure of a Revit project and the use of the various modelling tools to the evaluation of building information and export. In our training materials you will find everything for a successful start with Revit!



Revit Basic Cour­se documents

The con­tent expands from lear­ning about BIM in gene­ral and how Revit as a BIM tool works in this con­text. Fur­ther­mo­re it gui­des you in detail through the soft­ware like explai­ning it’s hier­ar­chy and func­tion­a­li­ty and illu­mi­na­ting all the cru­cial archi­tec­tu­ral mode­ling com­mants you’ll need for your first and all fol­lo­wing pro­jects. You will learn about:

  • Buil­ding Infor­ma­ti­on Mode­ling in general
  • Revit as a BIM tool
  • archi­tec­tu­ral mode­ling com­mants such as walls, stairs, colum­ns, win­dows, beams, rai­lings, curtain walls, …
  • auto­ma­ted and manu­al labe­l­ing tools

After that the qua­li­ty checks gets approa­ched so that you learn how to veri­fy the qua­li­ty of data that has been crea­ted befo­re. That com­pri­ses Revit inter­nal checks with sche­du­les, fil­ters and cut throughs and also Revit exter­nal checks for exam­p­le with the soft­ware “BIM.AC” (BIM Accu­ran­cy Con­trol) that has been gene­ra­ted from our com­pa­ny Build Infor­med. Fol­lo­wing qua­li­ty check tools are descri­bed in the cour­se documents:

  • war­ning list
  • sche­du­les
  • cut throughs
  • con­trol views with various filters
  • col­li­si­on checks with Navis­works & BIM­col­lab (short insight)
  • com­pa­ri­si­on bet­ween point cloud and 3D model with BIM.AC

You will recei­ve the cour­se mate­ri­al in pdf format.



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